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Man, where did the year go?

First off, a meme that tends to circulate this time of year... Go through your journal for this past year and post the first sentence from each month:

January: I'm trying to think of folks I know in Ohio who can help with this, but no luck so far...

February: Did some writing at the Book n Bean earlier after my late class.

March: Oy... looks like we're going to have to have some work done on the bathroom.

April: Yup, I'm here.

May: Man, this Friday will be the day I hit quarter of a century.

June: Like I said, earlier this week I visited my brother in prison.

July: Checking in briefly from Origins, just checking LiveJournal and the like before I hit the Cam LARP shortly.

August: It's too gorram hot out.

September: Hm, a couple of things...

October: Not much has been going on here besides gaming stuff, really.

November: This past weekend was a bare minimum of real gaming, and I can live with a break like that from time to time.

December: I wound up having to get up early today to install some handrails on the building where I live so we don't lose our insurance.

Well, post-wise, I guess this year was more interesting than last year.

In unrelated news, those 'Happy Holidays' things on Adult Swim that have the people with the Black Hole Sun faces are really freaking me out.

This past week's Promethean game was a much more solid one. Why, you might ask? Because we had players! Yes!

Steve, Rudolf, and Jack were on their way back to the lab to collect those ashes when they ran into Ander and Father John. Apparently Ander and Father John had a rough idea on where to find the thing that escaped from the basement of the lab and sent Lafayette back there just in case anyone contacted the place. The leads were running dry about the time the group got back together. Before meeting up with Steve, Rudolf, and Jack, the two of them did happen to run into Sicky on the way.

The situation was explained to Ander and Father John and they went along with the others back to the lab to collect the ashes since they had all found the house anyways and knew how they'd get back there. Besides, it couldn't hurt to have some sort of help along in case things got nasty.

And things did get nasty... when they got back to the Lab, the five of them saw what appeared to be an arm laying on the front porch. They went around to different parts of the house and came in at once when they realized that the arm was Lafayette's. They crept inside and found that he'd been viciously dismembered (clawed as well as having had limbs just ripped off) and his pieces scattered around the house. He was well and truly dead.

(Note that this wasn't anything personal, although everyone looked at me like it was; fact of the matter is, the player had pulled out of the game and it was a convenient way to write his character out of the story without handwaving a disappearance. Besides, it worked in for the small story arc I was doing at the time, and may become relevant later.)

They searched the house looking for his assailant, and Jack found her, upstairs in the lab. He saw a feral-looking woman in dirty clothes who wasn't giving off any body heat and had blood on her hands. Everyone else came upstairs and she pulled a gun and attacked them. It was a pretty short fight, as Steve managed to get in a couple of insanely good attack rolls and she apparently died.

They went back downstairs and gathered up the ashes. Rather than just put them in the urn, though, just for good measure Rudolf had made a rough sketch of the room and numbered the piles of ash and put them in seperate tupperware containers (found on the way), just in case he needed to seperate out individual people. Ander looked at what was left of Lafayette's body, doing something not unlike an autopsy, and while he wasn't able to explain the claw marks he could tell that she very deliberately wished to destroy him and was the one who had done so. In the end, though, they had a body to deal with. They drove it out to Rudolf's place, where he swiped her clothes (as they were definitely an improvement over his, although he left the jacket back at the lab to keep from drawing attention to himself) and put her in his basement.

The group returned to the Baron's place and gave him the ashes, explaining what they had done with the ashes. He was a little... surprised, but agreed that that was satisfactory. He had them pour the ashes into the urn he'd previously provided and had Josue take the urn to the other room.

Out of nowhere, he asked about the woman they fought in the lab.

Now that caught them off-guard. He seemed to know exactly what had gone on, and said that he needed them to do a couple more things for him. He sent them out to pick up the body and bring it there... and he wanted one of them to get the jacket from the lab, take it to a particular hotel in the nicer part of town, and give it to someone named "Bishop Vidal" with a note.

He arranged transportation for them for this purpose. Jack went to deliver the jacket to Vidal while the rest picked up the body and brought it back. Jack was scared out of his gourd, for obvious reasons, as he'd been brought into a room with just Vidal and a man named Donovan. They read the note and inspected the jacket and demanded to know exactly what happened. He spelled it out for them, and they sent a message back.

When everyone regrouped at the Baron's place, the throng (still unbranded, as they just haven't taken the time to do it yet) started insisting on some sort of payment or compensation for their trouble. The Baron, considering Vidal's reply, debated out loud about the notion of bringing them along, but it was more or less decided to not take things any further with the guy. However, Father John was able to talk the Baron into a light exchange of information... some standard "I ask you a question, you ask me a question" stuff.

I didn't think to write down the questions asked; I should have, in retrospect. I do remember how the first one went... the Baron asked them what they were; upon hearing the reply of "We're animated corpses," he immediately uttered "Bullshit!" I do recall, though, that they were able to gleam that he was a vampire, and there were vampire 'types.' Similarly, he was able to determine that they were people who'd died and come back and had their own 'types.' (There was the inevitable OOC joke about what would happen if someone started to figure out the odd pattern of there being five basic varieties of every sort of supernatural. ;) )

Eventually, they decided to part ways with the good Baron, and returned to Dr. Gino's to get some rest and perform the branding ritual in the morning.

We figured that was as good a time to leave off as any.

The Hunter game got started with its first full session. The folks who were Imbued at the character creation session, in addition to a reporter, wound up gathering near the rec center on the FSU campus on instinct. They ran into each other, some of them obviously recognizing each other from the movie theater. While they were making introductions and circling each other, a couple of guys started shuffling around the side of the building. On instinct, a couple of them clicked on their Hunter-sight. The guys turned out to be zombies.

To make a long fight short, they managed to take out a couple of the zombies, and the two Martyrs used Revelation to get a glimpse at the creature's soul... they found out his name was David Walton, and that he'd been killed by someone named Andrew Tolino. One of the group's Avengers, a rookie cop, called in both names to have them checked while they were able to determine that the zombie wanted to be put out of its misery... and they respected its request.

Everyone decided to get the hell out of there, and went to the house of one of the other characters... I don't recall all of their names at the moment because the attendance roster isn't on me at the moment, but he took them to Morgantown. They had a big conversation, to which I wasn't privy as I was busy running the next scene...

Across campus, a couple of students were making their way across a large open area where they got a message along the lines of IT DESIRES THE LIFE IT DOES NOT HAVE as they watched a guy lunging at a jogger who was passing by. The guy didn't notice, but these two students, who don't know each other, noticed that it was a zombie. They lured it off and got rid of it (Imbuing as a Visionary and a Defender in the process), and tried to figure out what happened. They went off to the side and got cleaned up, as they were covered in zombie juices. They returned to the scene to get a better look at things when they found a radio waiting for them.

There was some guy on the other end of the radio, saying that he'd seen a few of the zombies on campus. He was making his way around keeping an eye on the things, or so he claimed. He said he thought there was a bunch of folks who saw them also up by the rec center. He commented that he thought what was going on was some sort of punishment of God.

About this time, everyone had returned to the campus, and the two newcomers tracked them down by some construction equipment where everyone else was trying to see if they could figure anything out from where the zombies had come from. The larger group was pretending they didn't know anything the other two were talking about, and the two wandered off... to find a symbol drawn on the sidewalk in front of the rec center... a symbol of some sort that meant 'walking dead.' They went back and asked the folks there if they knew what it meant, and the larger group tried to pass it off as some sort of fraternity symbol.

They all eventually decided to start talk about what was actually going on, and contacted the guy on the radio for some extra info. He said he thought he saw a few by one of the sports fields. Half the group talked to the two newcomers off to the side, pumping them for information, while the rest went up that way. The radio guy toled them that he saw a bunch up at one of the parking lots that way, and they went after them.

They found a crowd of four zombies and managed to eliminate each one of them, letting them go wherever it is they're meant to go. And the radio guy checked in with them afterwards, and told them that before he didn't see four zombies... he saw seven.

And that was where that session wrapped up.

Because of some problems with the play location, Greg's game was cancelled and it's gonna be on hiatus until after the holidays.

Because of similar problems, Shomo's game is also on hiatus for a while, so the gaming write-ups might be a little light for the next couple of weeks.

And, I'm out. See ya.
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