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Gaming stuff and related updates

Okay, so, where to start...

I know, let's start with Gencon. In my previous post I was considering running three, maybe four games at Gencon. I've registered for two, both of the Monster of the Week games I was talking about. Mostly because I have strong concepts for what I want to do in those games as a one-shot. I've realized I'd rather run Monsterhearts for people I already know, and I'm having trouble coming up with a concept for the Avatar Fate Core hack that grabs me enough that I absolutely have to run it. There's part of me that wishes that I could come up with a good WoD story to run, too, but unless something jumps out at me in the next few days for general event submission I'll just do without. Besides, as much as I enjoy running games, I do want to leave time free at the convention to play stuff, shop, and eat. Also, last year, I started getting tired stupid early during the convention and I don't want to run a game if there's a risk that I'll be all but falling asleep at the table.

So over on my other blog, I started writing about the Vampire: The Requiem game I've been running. There are some posts about it here, here, and here. Well, as happened last time I started a tabletop game and decided to blog about it, back in 2010, this has been put on hiatus. Of course, last time, it was basically ended by drama and this is more of a "Saturday has now become problematic for my players" thing, but still. It also screws up cama_sotz's Changeling: The Lost game as well.

So once I'm done with the Pathfinder Adventure Path we've been running on Fridays (and we're a good chunk of a way through the last module), I'm going to see about whether or not we'll be able to at least wrap up Sean's Changeling game and get my Requiem game to a good stopping point before we move on to other tabletop plans. It'd involve finding a way to work in a new character in each game, as my Friday game has one more player than my Saturday game, but I can live with that.

In the meantime, I've also put up on my other blog links to some of the WoD fiction I've written over the years. And some of you might remember, some years back, when I posted a bunch of mechanical stuff I'd come up with for my Hunter LARP, back in 2011. Well, all that pointed to a message board that no longer exists. But I've taken the Hunter compacts I invented back then and updated them to the newer rules. I dunno if I'm going to update and repost the rest of it (which is why I stripped out some references to some of my personal canon setting stuff in the write-ups there) but I at least wanted to get the compacts out there.

The Mountain Line Preservation Society
The Asculum Consortium
The Convoy

Anyhow, I think that's all for now. Still deciding on whether I want to update and repost more of the homebrew material inspired by my old LARP. It mostly consists of a supernatural creature or two and some Hunter conspiracy Endowments. Feedback appreciated.
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