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  • Mon, 13:33: RT @HauntedHarriet: HauNtED DoLL tiP of tHe DaY: aLL HouSes hAVe cEllarS. Even iF you tHiNK tHey DoN'T.
  • Mon, 14:19: While cleaning my apartment, found 20 individually-wrapped blank Maxell cassette tapes. Anybody got any ideas on what to do with them?
  • Mon, 14:19: (And yes, I know I could -- and will probably -- just wind up pitching them, but I wanted to ask first.)
  • Mon, 16:43: RT @AndrewWK: PARTY TIP: When someone says you suck, smile and say, "only on special occasions."
  • Mon, 17:14: So, I'm not a Hearthstone guy myself, but this is delightfully insane.
  • Mon, 17:17: @reverendanthony If you're up for it, I got a quick question about the Borderlands timeline and don't know who else to ask.
  • Tue, 08:42: @funranium It occurs to me that the next time that @bclevinger does a run of Real Science Adventures, #SerpentorDay should be represented.
  • Tue, 08:44: @funranium Like if it's one of the ones that's a bunch of little one-off shorts.
  • Tue, 10:38: If you build a video game level about surviving attacking waves of enemies and I have to spend half of it hunting them down, you've failed.
  • Tue, 10:41: "Epic fight against waves of enemies" shouldn't translate to "hunting down mobs hanging out in the corners because they don't give a shit."
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