MythicFox (mythicfox) wrote,

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  • Mon, 20:28: A nice little read about abuse and respect in online arenas like Twitter.
  • Mon, 22:59: Fireworks Tent Season always sneaks up on me every year.
  • Mon, 23:44: Crap. I've got a character hiding out from some bad people and I'm having trouble finding a good way to put him back in danger. #writing
  • Mon, 23:44: Having danger come to him would involve pulling a metaphorical trigger I'd rather save for later, but not sure why he'd go out. #writing
  • Tue, 01:21: One of the challenges of writing cyberpunk fiction: Finding the line between 'blatant social commentary' and 'presenting the near-future.'
  • Tue, 01:21: Because sometimes you want to make a point in a story without making it THE point of the story. If that makes any sense.
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