MythicFox (mythicfox) wrote,

Long story short, I overthink stuff a lot

As I dig through stuff accumulated over 15+ years, I've hit a few interesting conundrums. A lot of "where did that come from" sorts of puzzles. But one in particular is eating at me.

A lot of my recent excavations into my own recent history of stuff (because it really feels like a form of archaeology at times) have led to finding comics that I wasn't able to keep up with for whatever reason, either because of my buying options* or the fact that at one point I just quit reading comics for about a decade and there's been a lot of "oh, hey, I wonder whatever happened to this series or these characters" moments. On a few occasions occasions, I've looked into the feasibility of getting caught up via collected trade paperbacks and the like (probably after I move). But in at least one case, I've found series that were cancelled or put on hiatus and will never be finished. (Or it was a manga series that was never fully translated into English.)

I'm torn as to whether it would be worth the time and trouble to track down what is there, knowing that I'm never going to get closure on certain plots or cliffhangers. Would it be worth revisiting these characters or a setting, knowing full well that the circumstances of where it leaves off could just sharpen the sting of it being unfinished?

I'd be curious to hear people's thoughts.

*-- Back then, online ordering wasn't as easily accessible or useful as it is today. We're talking, again, about 15 years ago. If I wanted certain comics (particularly manga), I was restricted to honest-to-goodness mail order catalogs and a comic book store where getting anything special-ordered meant having the owner's friend basically place the orders behind his back because he just couldn't be bothered. Some stuff was hard to keep up on because the owner also couldn't be bothered to deal with shipments from the distributor, so the boxes of new comics just sat out where he put them, unsorted, and he didn't stop anyone from buying things from other customers' pull lists direct out of the boxes. Patronizing the store was a crapshoot at the best of times. The only other comic store in driving distance was openly hostile to customers, so yeah. Options were limited.
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