MythicFox (mythicfox) wrote,

Well, I've had a good run, at least

Okay, so this is fucking weird.

I had two flights today, one from Pittsburgh to Baltimore and then one from Baltimore to Indy.

Both not only departed on time, but the Pittsburgh to Baltimore flight actually arrived about 20 minutes early. (Technically, the second flight had a minor delay getting off the runway, which meant that it arrived at the time it was scheduled to. The mind boggles.) Nothing went weird or wrong on the flights. In fact, neither was full and I was able to settle down in empty or mostly-empty rows and enjoy some elbow room. Even the babies were pretty well-behaved..

So then I get to my hotel (staying at the Omni), and despite the fact that official check-in isn't until 3pm, despite the fact that sometimes the guests who are signed up for their loyalty program (free wi-fi and a beverage with breakfast) can shave a couple of hours off that if they are lucky, and then despite the fact that there was some weird screw-up with their systems that prevented me from doing the online check-in to try and shave off those hours, when I arrived at the hotel somewhere around 10:45am there was already a room ready for me.

A corner room.

Now, it's not one of those ones with a couch that can fold out into a bed, but I've got a lot of space and a table I could comfortably run a game at if I could put one together. One of those 'business meeting' ones.

I'm actually a little afraid to leave the room now, for fear of being struck by lightning or something (and there is supposed to be a thunderstorm later). Either that, or I have unintentionally stolen some good karma from someone and for that I'm very very sorry.

(Now, in all fairness, I did have to reserve this room outside the convention block and thus am being pretty well gouged for it as is Indy downtown hotel tradition. But even still, I'm running the karmic math here. Struck by lightning. Mark my words.)
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