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  • Wed, 18:17: Looks and sounds like everyone else arrived while I was napping.
  • Wed, 18:46: Now that I'm somewhat refreshed, gonna wander around, see what's set up, and get a bead on the locations for the games I'm running.
  • Wed, 19:22: Briefly putting my wandering on hold to pop back to my room and ready my Cardhalla tithe. iPad for scale.
  • Wed, 19:24: That box is basically packed with cards, mostly L5R stuff skimmed out of my collection before passing it on to @rugbyguy1981 because (1/2)
  • Wed, 19:25: nobody needs a dozen copies of every clan holding and the usual base set commons. There's also some other old stuff in there as well. (2/2)
  • Wed, 19:44: Cardhalla, day 0-ish. #GenCon2015
  • Wed, 19:46: SOON @TheOnyxPath #GenCon2015
  • Wed, 20:19: Okay, I now know where my games will be run. What now.
  • Wed, 20:27: The sudden discovery of hunger has answered my previous question.
  • Wed, 20:29: I see people going through their True Dungeon tokens and can't help but think it looks like they're preparing for Alf's return in Pog form.
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