MythicFox (mythicfox) wrote,

Assorted goings-on

Well, first off, some general life updates. Alongside the conventions of the last couple of months (speaking of which, there's a write-up of stuff I did at Gencon here), I've had a lot going on where I'm turning the page on a lot of stuff that's been going on in my life for the last, oh, 12 years or so. A lot of loose ends have been getting tied up, and I'm finally making movement towards getting a house in Morgantown so I can relocate. I've got a solid candidate, now it's just the usual dance of nailing down realtor questions, figuring out how much to offer, etc. etc.

And now some other things. First off, this year I participated in RPG a Day 2015, where every day I made a post on a discussion topic regarding role-playing games. It runs through the month of August, and that means it just wrapped up. So here's some links to posts on my other blog where I collected and shared my thoughts:

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
And all the rest

(And just a quick note, while I may or may not ponder a move to Dreamwidth in the future just to make sure my posts don't vanish if something wonky happens to LJ, I'm still planning on using this and Twitter to gather some of my thoughts and I'm not going to abandon it entirely. That said, I've been posting a lot more personal stuff over on Plus lately, so if you need more personal updates and the like, you might find them there in a more timely fashion.)

Also, I posted a third part to that furry cyberpunk story I've been poking at on and off. You can find it here, with links to the rest here.
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