MythicFox (mythicfox) wrote,

Personal Updates

Sorry things have been so quiet here. Long story short, I've been trying to get moved into a new house and things are taking longer than I expected (but in my defense, it's literally been 16 years since I've had to move and even then I was fully moving into a place I'd already been spending weekends at and I had some help that I don't quite have now). Between the nervousness about buying the house to begin with and everything that still needs done to get everything moved over there, it's taken up a lot of my headspace. The stress of it has largely wrecked my creative drive, which was already a little shaky after the conventions and other family stuff I had going on in the summer. In addition, a combination of home events and illness on the part of my tabletop players has left it such that I haven't been able to run a game in almost a month. And even then, while we should be playing this week, next Friday we won't be able to play again. (My group might be running something a little different as a one-off this week with Halloween coming up, but nothing's set in stone yet.)

But I've been meaning to post a little something just to keep people caught-up. Hope things have been going well for you all.
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