MythicFox (mythicfox) wrote,

JOHNNY 5 MODE: Need input!

Last year I ran a pair of Monster of the Week games at Gencon. For one of them, because it was kind of a specific team setup, I prepared loose backstories to go along with the playbooks to help inform a default team dynamic. Two of my four players completely ignored the backstories and even the basic character theme I was shooting for. I wasn't in a mood to be strict about it, especially since one of the other players was attending his first Gencon and I didn't want to stop the fun train with an argument. (The two players in question were friends and I think just wanted to be contrary) We made it work, but it stuck in my craw a bit.

I'm thinking of running a different story with the same basic team theme/setup. Should I:

1. Try the backstories again, expect players to ignore them, but at least ask folks to stick to the theme
2. Toss out the backstories altogether but gently enforce the theme
3. Have the backstories available if anyone wants them, but expect them to gather dust
4. Some other thing

Looking to hear thoughts as I prepare my events to submit. (This year I'm thinking of doing the aforementioned Monster of the Week game and a Hunter: The Vigil game, though I'm entertaining options for running a third thing -- I might ask if I can run a Trinity Continuum demo if the rules will be far enough along to make it feasible.)
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