MythicFox (mythicfox) wrote,

Random writing thought that just won't fit in 140 characters

Lately I've been reading S. Andrew Swann's 'Moreau' novels for inspiration for some anthro fiction I've been working on (this is that cyberpunk setting you might have heard me go on about here and there). And because they're fresh in my brain I keep having to stop and make sure I'm not subconsciously referring to the anthro characters as "moreaus" or "moreys," which they're called in those novels. It's equal parts amusing and frustrating.

(Speaking of things that are equal parts amusing and frustrating, there's a lot of stuff in those novels, which are 20 years old, that are still pretty relevant to modern racial tensions. Specters of the Dawn in particular has a scene that made me wince in that regard.)
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