MythicFox (mythicfox) wrote,

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  • Fri, 13:18: RT @johncheese: Just saw a news site that had "subscribe to get the full story" and now I want to send them a picture of a calendar with th…
  • Fri, 13:19: Having trouble writing this scene because I don't have any particularly appropriate music to listen to on-hand.
  • Fri, 13:19: And listening to the stuff I usually like to listen to is causing some... cognitive dissonance.
  • Fri, 13:21: Maybe 'cognitive dissonance' isn't the right phrase, but it's like writing body horror with J-pop in the background.
  • Fri, 13:39: RT @ChiefBool: I'm really digging this new Android exclusive
  • Fri, 14:19: Earlier problem solved by an instrumental video game soundtrack. Works for me.
  • Fri, 15:10: RT @sweetpavement: Apple built a consumer base on supplying us with music, and has slowly killed every feature valuable to folks who like m…
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