MythicFox (mythicfox) wrote,

Keep forgetting to crosspost here, so in case you missed it...

So I've had some developments, writing-wise, that I haven't posted about in a while. Nothing huge or anything, but I've posted a thing or two here and there and I just want to make sure folks still following me here see it in case the links get lost among my reposted tweets. While it's not a requirement to necessarily follow both, this is a good point to remind people that I have another blog that's a focus for my writing and gaming-oriented stuff.

So I've been doing this 'anthropomorphic cyberpunk setting' thing, as you may recall. Back in July, I posted a bit of short fiction in the setting that I submitted to an anthology that was then turned down. That can be found here. If that's been an issue, this one's a little more human-centric than the main story.

In more recent news, I found a Vampire: The Requiem fanfic I wrote some 11 or 12 years ago. (I vaguely remember writing it a few months after the first edition of Requiem came out, but the files have shuffled around computers enough that the original creation date is lost.) Since I was planning on using a character from it in my sequel to "Child of the Machine" (which is still in the works), I decided to dust it off, give it a couple of editing passes, and update it to better fit the second edition presentation of the game. It's still not exactly perfect, but for perusal/reference's sake, you can find links to all four parts of it here.

(Yes, it's a four-part story. During editing, I considered reworking it all into one continuous story but in the end I decided that that was basically rewriting it to a degree I didn't really want to commit to. I was more interested in polishing it up and making it available than basically redoing it from scratch.)
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