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  • Sun, 00:19: RT @jonrog1: Short of standardizing/federalizing elections (which crazies will oppose) this is not just the least we should do, it's mandat…
  • Sun, 00:19: RT @jonrog1: 1] The #Leverage ep where they stole an election, you know why we didn't have Hardison just hack the boxes?
  • Sun, 00:19: RT @jonrog1: 2] because research showed it would be TOO EASY. So easy it would be boring TV. Not even a full act of television. Sleep tig…
  • Sun, 04:06: RT @ericdharvey: They're gonna be submerging this dude in water and taking photos every 5 years until he dies
  • Sun, 13:14: RT @johncheese: Maybe it would help if we ejected this election, blew really hard into the end of it, and then restarted the system.
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