MythicFox (mythicfox) wrote,

My tweets

  • Mon, 14:57: RT @ocllin: snail race retweet after you vote
  • Mon, 17:03: RT @vaughndemont: Until 11:59pm Aug. 14, 100% of the PWYW for this will be donated and divided between Charolettesville's NAACP, Pride, & P…
  • Mon, 18:00: I just realized I forgot to link the blog post with my collection of #RPGaDay Week 1 for this year. #rpgaday2017
  • Mon, 20:49: RT @MicroSFF: "Do real stories end with them happy ever after?" the child asked. "Um... Most end with 'then they had a cup of tea'." "So th…
  • Tue, 00:55: They say you don't officially become 'old' until you've stared at a new app and thought 'I can't be bothered to figure this sh!t out.'
Tags: #rpgaday, #rpgaday2017, twitter
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