MythicFox (mythicfox) wrote,

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  • Sun, 17:37: RT @anthrocon: Our preliminary attendance number for #Anthrocon 2018 is Eight Thousand Four Hundred and Seven attendees. We’d like to tha…
  • Sun, 17:37: RT @anthrocon: This year, we raised $36,012 for our charity, South Hills Pet Rescue!
  • Sun, 17:40: Welp, that's another #Anthrocon down. My 20th, if we're counting -- and not at all applying that math to my age. On…
  • Sun, 21:12: RT @andrearitsu: Reminder that the amazing soundtrack for the original TRON in 1982 was by an utterly brilliant trans woman, Wendy Carlos,…
  • Sun, 23:22: RT @johncheese: Airplane mode is horseshit. I've tried it 5 times, now, and my phone only flies as far as I can throw it.
  • Mon, 09:40: RT @digitalraven: Good news: insurance are paying out on my bag. Bad news: I can't fully afford the excess. So I'm turning to the kindness…
Tags: #anthrocon, twitter
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