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  • Thu, 00:14: @BloodBoundBooks Any updates on the Burnt Fur anthology? My roommate sent in a submission and still hasn't heard anything.
  • Thu, 00:38: Dinner from earlier, salmon limone with couscous and a zucchini ribbon salad.
  • Thu, 02:08: First World Hell: A grocery store that has everything, but is constantly remodeling such that no one item is on the…
  • Thu, 03:13: Twitter app: Hey there, can I track your location so I can share custom content and not at all sell info on your mo…
  • Thu, 08:53: RT @drgonzo123: When you’re stupid, every problem seems to have a simple solution that miraculously aligns with your opinion.
  • Thu, 09:21: RT @kellyblaus: PSA: the FDA just recalled a TON of dog foods for toxic levels of vitamin D that could be fatal for dogs. Share with all of…
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