MythicFox (mythicfox) wrote,

My tweets

  • Mon, 18:38: Did dinner early because I need to get ready for a trip out of town. Mexican chicken and rice bowl with salsa fresc…
  • Tue, 04:50: Alright, getting ready to start a trip to spend a week with friends out of town. Just dropped off my car with the p…
  • Tue, 05:18: Usual routine. Shoes, belt, electronics, radiation.
  • Tue, 05:53: A light breakfast and some coffee brewed from the stuff of nightmares later, and I'm at my gate waiting to board.
  • Tue, 06:02: About to board, see you in a couple hours at the layover.
  • Tue, 09:18: Alright, and I'm back on the ground for about an hour and a half.
  • Tue, 10:22: My flight is gonna start boarding soon, so I'll be switching the phone off shortly.
  • Tue, 10:25: Unless I come up with anything else to say between here and proper boarding, I'll see you folks on the other side.
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