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  • Wed, 13:53: Layover is wrapping up, gonna shut off the phone. See you folks in Pittsburgh.
  • Wed, 16:42: Just touched down in Pittsburgh. Not that I always do so, but it's weird not coming in at the end of the day when e…
  • Wed, 16:46: For those wondering, I've had smooth flights this whole trip. Funnily enough, there were few enough people on the l…
  • Wed, 17:02: Thank you for standing right next to me at baggage claim, Person Who Clearly Had To Have A Smoke Between The Plane And Baggage.
  • Wed, 17:10: And thank *you,* Info Desk Guy, for pointing me to the wrong baggage claim carousel.
  • Wed, 17:34: Car finally acquired, I'll be on the way home in a minute. See you guys in a bit.
  • Wed, 18:19: Fun thread about the Gillette controversy. In related news, even by their shakier-than-you'd-think standards, the B…
  • Wed, 18:41: BTW, this'll seem random but as I stop for coffee and a snack on the way home, I just want to mention that I finish…
  • Wed, 20:06: Properly home now.
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